Flexibility to meet the most demanding requirements

Temporal flywheel systems offer tremendous flexibility with a scalable and modular design. Typically arrayed in modules of 10 flywheels, plants can be customized to meet any multi MW power requirement. A module of ten flywheels can offer a maximum power rating of 5 MW. Since energy storage can act either as a generator or a power consumer, a 5 MW plant can offer 10 MW of fast responding flexibility to the power system.

5MW Power Plant

The flexibility and high performance of Temporal’s design enables customers to right size their energy storage needs. Right sizing means precisely matching customer needs for energy storage without oversizing to compensate for technical limitations of a particular energy storage technology.

Temporal flywheel systems are designed to be fully autonomous, low maintenance, and to operate at full rated capacity for 20 plus years.

Example of a 5MW Energy Storage Plant

Temporal Power Plant