A Flywheel Like No Other

A flywheel is a mechanical battery that stores kinetic energy in a rotating mass. Temporal flywheels use a solid steel flywheel and a novel, simple design. When charging, a flywheel uses power from the grid to power a motor that accelerates the flywheel to high speeds. When discharging, the flywheel is slowed down using the momentum of the wheel to drive the motor in reverse to act as a generator.

Enabled by Temporal’s proprietary design, Temporal claims the highest energy flywheels in the world with unmatched power output of 500 kW per flywheel. Speed, endurance, and range are the three high performance criteria we promise our customers. Speed, in terms of millisecond response to full power; Range, in terms of offering no limitations on cycle life and depth of discharge of the system; Endurance, in terms of Temporal systems being designed for 20 year plus life with minimal maintenance.

Flywheel Cross Section