Introducing State of the Art High-performance Energy Storage

Temporal Power designs, manufactures and services the world’s leading flywheel energy storage technology. Using an all steel flywheel in combination with proprietary bearing technology, Temporal Power offers a high-performance energy storage solution that holds the highest amount of energy of any flywheel in the world, offers no degradation due to cycle life, and is a clean technology made of fully recyclable materials.

Working with utilities, generators, and industrial clients, Temporal Power designs the “Right Size” solution ensuring precise, long term performance without over building systems, a technical limitation that many other storage technologies face.

Temporal Power flywheels are used by our clients to improve power quality and lower costs by more accurately balancing energy on power systems. The technology is used to make renewable power more predictable which means variable generation like wind and solar can be smoothly integrated onto power grids. Temporal Power also helps electric system operators efficiently balance energy to control frequency by rapidly absorbing or generating power.

Flywheel being lowered into place