WEB Aruba and Temporal Power – Break Ground for 10 MW FESS

Posted November 17, 2016 in Industry News, News

WEB Aruba and Temporal Power have literally broken the ground for the installation of a 5MW flywheel energy storage system on the island of Aruba. The installation is the first of its kind in Aruba and will support the country’s key initiatives in renewable energy.

“Aruba is a global leader in their conversion to a sustainable energy system. Temporal Power is excited to have such a good partner to work with on a project which will help demonstrate globally that sustainable energy systems can be achieved economically and reliably” said Eric Murray, CEO of Temporal Power, adding, “This excellent example of Ontario’s leadership and support for energy storage is turning into collaboration opportunities that positively impact quality of life and the environment.”

Complete details regarding the Press Release from the Prime Minister of Aruba – Mike Eman can be found at: